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BADGES for quality learning approaches and validation of non-formal
learning in cultural and heritage contexts.

What is BADGES?

BADGES has developed a framework to shape attractive competence-oriented learning in heritage institutions. BADGES offers heritage sites, museums and cultural organisations a smart methodology and useful tools to stimulate and validate their visitor’s learning.


Because learning happens everywhere. People visiting heritage sites or experiencing a heritage context may acquire competences. Many of such learning results often remain invisible and unnoticed, and eventually they fade out.

Who and how?

BADGES validates the competences adults acquire with digital or non-digital badges. By making the learning outputs visible and noticeable for others, the learning process appears to last longer, be more effective and are more easily shared with others.

Our latest news

Will you win the 1ste Badges Award

What is the BADGES Award? It’s a competition that aims to promote innovative initiatives and ideas for validating informal and lifelong learning for adults in the cultural and heritage sector. We would like to invite innovative European…

BADGES Conference ‘Learning in and through heritage’!

Heritage makes us wiser! By visiting cultural or natural heritage sites, you learn about a specific culture or nature area. It allows you to develop broader competences. But how exactly can exhibitions, monuments or landscapes contribute to…

Tatra Mountains (Poland)

The Tatra National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Poland with many educational paths, museums, educational centres and a wide activity focused on cooperation with tourists and the local community. For this reason this pilot…

Sjarabang arts festival (Belgium)

Sjarabang annually organizes an inclusive arts festival for people with disabilities. A large number of volunteers guide and support disabled people during their participation in various art workshops. This pilot project in Belgium is a great…

Learning Islands - Berlengas (Portugal)

The pilot project in the protected marine area of the Berlengas Islands in Portugal is an excellent example of the BADGES methodology applied to a sustainable tourist activity. By involving the participants of the pilot project through activities…

Walking Tour Windmill Heritage (Holland)

The Dutch pilot project aims to increase the interest and awareness in sustaining the windmill heritage in the Netherlands. The project tries to achieve this by providing worksheets to visitors who participate in unguided tours in the city of…

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