Project Badges

BADGES sets out to develop a learning and validation approach for cultural and heritage sites that leads to the award of digital badges to visitors who participate in specific learning activities offered by the sites.

What’s Badges

Imagine a youngster or an adult visiting a museum (or a nature park, a historic site …) and watch, listen, act, participate and … learn who, at the end of the visit or, back at home, gets the opportunity to give proof of what he/she learned and is awarded by a … digital badge.

How to earn a badge?

All visitors to participating heritage sites can earn a badge.

Our latest news

Pilot project BADGES: a badge for the Loon-expert

How do youngsters and adults learn to cope with life and work in today's Europe? Education at school alone no longer suffices; there is an important role for on-the-job training, additional trainings and courses, adult education... These are…

Learning happens everywhere

Project Badges has taken the next step towards implementation of Badges in the heritage sector during the second transnational meeting in Cagliari Sardinia. During this meeting the project team visited one of the great examples of informal learning…

New Erasmus+ Project: Badges

Badges for non-formal learning in heritage & cultural settings Initial (formal) education and training does not longer suffice for a learner in the rapidly changing society and work environment in present Europe. Additional training,…

Happy to announce: BADGES is part of The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

What is the European Year of Cultural Heritage? Throughout 2018, we will celebrate our diverse cultural heritage across Europe - at EU, national, regional and local level. The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage more…

Transnational Kick-off meeting!

In November 2017, all partners united for a transnational meeting in Kassel (Germany). This was the perfect opportunity to getting to know all the partners and their project related experiences. During this meeting the partners talked about…