Transnational meeting in Cagliari

On the 13th and 14th of May, the partners of the Erasmus+ project came together in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). We teamed up in Exma, a former slaughter house, recently transformed into a museum of ‘Exhibiting and Moving Arts’. On the first day every partner presented their pilot project with the badging system. Best practices and ideas were exchanged. It seems BADGES works very well as a method for informal learning and can be used in many different settings, ranging from visiting a learning island in Portugal or discovering windmills in Holland to participating in an arts festival for disabled people in Belgium.

During the second day we exchanged ideas with the partners of DELPHI, an Erasmus+ project working on heritage interpretation. The afternoon was spent discussing the BADGES methodology, competence framework, validation system, digital badge system, toolkit, etc. Plans were made for the final conference in Alden Biesen (see above). All this was discussed over delicious Italian food, amidst deep cultural heritage, which most of the participants had the chance to discover earlier during Monumenti Aperti on the 12th of May. The students who showed tourists around in Exma also used BADGES. The perfect context for this transnational meeting!