Will you win the 1ste Badges Award

What is the BADGES Award?

It’s a competition that aims to promote innovative initiatives and ideas for validating informal and lifelong learning for adults in the cultural and heritage sector.

We would like to invite innovative European projects from the field and provide a forum for presentation and exchange. We are looking for projects and activities in the cultural and heritage sector that promote the development of competences in a holistic way. These projects should also include practical cases on how learning outcomes and competence development within this specific competence area can be assessed and evidenced, also beyond the walls of formal education.

Who can participate?

The competition is targeted towards organisations or projects in the cultural and heritage sector. Ongoing or completed, existing or planned case studies, initiatives or projects can enter the competition.

How to participate?

Please fill in the application form for your submission to the BADGES Award. It only takes a few minutes.


Which projects / approaches can be submitted?

All submissions received will be evaluated by an independent jury in accordance with the following criteria:

  • mission statement
  • organizing the content
  • organizing a network of actors, stakeholders, beneficiaries
  • applying a learning oriented methodology
  • acknowledging the learning outcomes of visitors
  • the use of ICT to optimize learning

When can you start submitting your project / approach?

You can submit your project / approach from June 20th 2019 onwards.

When is the closing date?

Please submit your project / approach by August 16th 2019.

And the award goes to…

The jury will select three organisations to receive the prestigious BADGES Award. It is an award given to the most innovative and promising European projects or approaches that:

  • focus on integrating competence oriented learning in their learning contexts
  • reflect on/consider ways of measuring and documenting learner’s development in relation to these competences
  • promote understanding and awareness for the evaluation / validation of informal and non-formal learning and highlight its value either for the individual (whose competences were validated) or for the organisation (who validates competences).

The winners will be widely published through a range of media and networks across Europe.

The BADGES Award is something organisations can be proud of. It celebrates and promotes best practices in the area of non-formal learning in the cultural and heritage sector.

The BADGES Award ceremony in Alden Biesen, Belgium

The three winning organisations will be invited to present their project / approach to an international audience at the BADGES international study day which will be held in Alden Biesen on September 5th 2019. This will be in the form of a video and a short, live interview.

The prize includes travel and accommodation for a two-day trip to Alden Biesen. The winners will benefit from a European-wide dissemination in a specific newsletter and on our BADGES website.

We are looking forward to your approaches and wish you the best of luck!


Please fill in the application form to submit your project, approach or idea for the BADGES Award. It only takes a few minutes.